Top 8 Common Keto Mistakes To Avoid

00:00:01 Everybody has the knees back poquito with nice and today I just want to talk about something that’s really important 00:00:07 a lot of people are doing keto and intermittent fasting and encountering some of these issues that’s why when we 00:00:12 talk about the top eight common mistakes that I want you to avoid when you’re doing keto even fasting because a lot of 00:00:20 people are doing these things but I want you to be successful so let’s just dive right in the number one mistake doing 00:00:27 keto without even fasting talked to a lot of people that say oh I’m keto and I asked well are you doing intermittent 00:00:33 fasting that’s like what’s that like okay let’s rewind to help you maximize because with keto within a minute 00:00:41 fasting is what helps you with insulin resistance the two go together and the two

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