Top 8 Common Keto Mistakes To Avoid

Everybody has the knees back poquito with nice and today I just want to talk about something that’s really important
a lot of people are doing keto and intermittent fasting and encountering some of these issues that’s why when we
talk about the top eight common mistakes that I want you to avoid when you’re doing keto even fasting because a lot of
people are doing these things but I want you to be successful so let’s just dive right in the number one mistake doing
keto without even fasting talked to a lot of people that say oh I’m keto and I asked well are you doing intermittent
fasting that’s like what’s that like okay let’s rewind to help you maximize because with keto within a minute
fasting is what helps you with insulin resistance the two go together and the two should stay together and that’s very
important so you don’t want to do intermittent fasting and not dakedo you want to do them together hopefully
that’s clear when you’re starting out okay the other thing I want you to well let me rewind because I think this is
worth noting when you are going from 3 mils a day to two meals a day to one mil a day that’s what I’m talking about not
this five meals a day stuff it’s three meals that will incorporate some fasting may not be nor you know 16 hours but
you’re fasting when you’re sleeping you’re fasting you know up until the time you take in that first meal and
then in between meals so if you’re moving from transitioning from three meals to two meals that’s when you’re
gonna start to see even more results when we’re going to see some weight loss changes pretty rapidly you’re gonna
start to feel better even more so so the longer your fasting even up to the blood meal a day you’ll see some pretty major
results so keep intermittent fasting in quito together that go hand-in-hand okay eating when not hungry this is
really important because we are so programmed to just grab something without fight we just you know eat in
spite I wasn’t even hungry but I that when you’re doing keto and intermittent fasting it’s going to be
real important especially and let me show you this if you’re doing the three meals a day the breakfast lunch and
dinner I’ll put dinner right there and take this off this is what I want you to make
note of if you are eating in between these meals you’re snacking you’re causing the insulin to spike you’re
doing the old way of eating the five meals a day what I want you to consider I’ll get that
what I want you to consider is when you eat breakfast make sure you’re getting in your high fats that’s what’s going to
sustain you until the next meal so if you get hungry between breakfast and lunch
check your fats because you probably didn’t eat enough fat so when you go to eat lunch make sure you’re getting in
high fat so it’ll sustain you until dinner the same thing is true if you’re eating two meals a day so if you’re
doing lunch and dinner then you want to get in the high fats here at lunch the first meal that you take in get
sufficient fats in on that meal because that’s going to really really help you and sustain you until dinner same
concept you guessed it if you were eating one meal a day the key is not to eat in between these meals because
you’re spiking your insulin okay very important so eating when not hungry cut it out get the fats it’ll sustain
you trust me sometimes you’re you may look at this this is worth noting too well what if you’re doing your two meals
a day and you’re not hungry when the second meal comes up at that point don’t eat if you if you’re at a place where
you haven’t gotten in enough fan or enough protein then you might eat a light meal something very light because
it might be necessary in that case okay so typically we eat when we’re hungry and we eat until we’re
satisfied all right the next issue number three common mistake is eating too little or too much protein you need
protein for the building muscles right too much protein turns to sugar in the body so you don’t need to go out and say
oh you know what I’m going to eat these two chicken breasts which is high in protein and I’m going to eat a couple
less that’s not going to work you’re going to get a lot of protein in that meal and if you’re not eating enough
protein your body is going to try to find it try to get so it’s real important that you don’t waste away
because you’re not taking in enough so your muscle mass is starting to be affected so just make sure you’re
balanced our number keto is high fat moderate protein low carb so keep your protein in moderation we said it and I
said it in another video your protein a few three meals a day you should note this three to six ounces if you’re doing
three meals stay around three to four ounces if you’re doing two meals a day stay around 4 to 5 ounces per meal and
then one meal a day is generally six to eight higher end of a thing for men that may be in or women that might be
extremely overweight you might need a little bit more protein okay so just keep that in mind not eating or
even poor mitting vegetables omitting vegetables remember I have said this in a couple of videos already this idea of
dirty keto yeah you lose some weight you lose a lot of weight because there are some things your body is adjusting to
you but in terms of the healthy state of your body that’s a whole different thing because remember those vegetables are
supplying us with nutrients minerals and vitamins that’s why we’re getting them so if you’re omitting those vegetables
you will begin to see symptoms hair loss thinning hair because your body isn’t able to get the nutrients in that it
needs that’s what you’re going to get your vegetables are remember we’re always targeting 7 to 10 cups of
vegetables that’s not a week everybody that’s per day so keep that in mind okay
and number five this is really interesting because I hear it a lot too focused on weight loss and not your
waist loss okay and let me explain it this way when I started in my Kido journey it was about health it was all
about health it was I wanted off a blood pressure medicine period didn’t even know that issues of
insulin resistance and the impact of it but learned along the way that this was the culprit behind it so when you’re
focused on the scales moving instead of healing on the inside you got to be healthy to lose weight
gotta get healthy first to lose weight I’m gonna say it one more time you’ve got to get healthy first in order to
lose weight what do you mean well when your body is going through improvements it is healing from the inside out the
way to come off it’s just a natural response to your body healing from the inside your cells being repaired on the
inside so the weight loss will come and you want to look at that waistline because remember I said the signs of
insulin resistance is that protruding belly yes so as that belly begins to shrink you know that you are making some
positive improvements on the inside to so focused on your waistline not your weight number six
hidden carbs I see it all the time I get calls for people that I am coaching my clients will say you know what I went up
on the scales a couple of pounds this week I didn’t eat anything out of the norm I kept my carbs low and I said okay
let’s look at your your your journal let’s see what you ate let’s look at your your tracking tool that you were
using because we want to track some of these things just to make sure we have visibility to hidden carbs because
they’re out there everybody hidden carbs out there and so we start to look at this when we see gravies we see bread
and items as hidden carbs we see sugars that things no sugar and yet you see there’s carbs
so just be aware make sure that if you didn’t cook your food yourself at home that you know what’s in it and you
decide to eat out you know what you’re eating you know what you get it okay another issue is omitting electrolytes
and B vitamins we need those electrolytes by the way that’s potassium sodium magnesium your body needs that
especially when it’s transitioning from burning sugar to burning fat so you don’t want to omit these important
elements of your journey okay and the B vitamins of course are very important and then lastly number
eight is doing hito in a min fasting half way oh my gosh you’d be amazed at what I hear some people say well I’m
keto Monday through Friday and then on the weekend it’s you know everything goes that’s not how the health Aikido
program or journey works this is a lifestyle we’re in it to heal our bodies forever and to live a quality life it’s
not you know do well for five days and then load up on carbs and any kind of eating the next two days you’re just
reversing the good that you just said and leaving your body in a state of disrepair
okay so just be aware that those are things that this is not a pick-me-up put it down what kind of a lifestyle with
keto into it and fasting it is a lifestyle it’s every day hopefully that makes sense thank you so much for
watching and we’ll see you in the next video hi if you haven’t subscribed to my channel already go ahead and click that
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